Extra Supplies Change Lives!

150 pounds of kibble. 500 pounds of kitty litter. 800 cans of cat and dog food. $1000+ for veterinary bills and medicine (not including the occasional emergency vet visits). We refuse to even think about our weekly purchases of paper towels and cleaning supplies.

How do we do it? We ask ourselves that, too, every day! And that's where you come in.  

It takes a village to raise a herd.

If you have more craft supplies than could be used in a cat's nine lives, donate them to the Happy Cat Herd! We resell these items and use every penny of profit to directly fund the daily, and sometimes emergency, expenses of our rescued feline and canine residents...plus a few more that always seem to find us along the way.

Now grab those extra Amazon boxes you've been hoarding and fill them with new and gently used crafts we can resell for the rescues! What kind of items can you send?

Cross stitch thread, fabrics, and patterns (no printed PDFs please). Project bags in all types and sizes. Quilting supplies, patterns, and fabrics. Unused sewing patterns (yes, the unopened ones from 1969 that grandma keeps in that huge stack of boxes in the corner of her sewing room), thread spools, pin cushions, needle packs. Yarn, stitching markers, patterns and needles for crochet and knitting. Beads, jewelry findings, hobby tools. Wool locks, batts and roving for needle felting. Punch needle patterns, tools, frames and thread balls. Framed or unframed finished items that need to find a new home because your grandkids won't appreciate them. But we do!

The cats "help" us sort and group the items, then we list them in the appropriate Facebook groups, in our ETSY shop, and here on our website. It's a lot of time, work, and care...but that's what we do best. Thank mew for helping us fill their hearts and tummies every day. 

You may ship your donated supplies to:

Happy Cat Stitchery & Sanctuary
P.O. Box 202
Clifton Forge, VA 24422

If some paper towels rolls fall into those boxes, that's okay, too! And if you still aren't ready to share your stash, you can always share the love by sending us supplies from our Amazon Wish List.

Thank Mew! ~ Lisa, Jack & The Happy Cat Herd