Seraphim Hand Dyed Fabrics

🎉Exciting news! Our Seraphim Hand Dyed Fiber Event is now ongoing! We’re adding new colors, fabrics, and counts all week and beyond. (We love them so much, why limit it to just one weekend?) Want updates on new items? Join The Happy Cat Stitchery email list! We’ve got hundreds of needle minders, brand new and out-of-print kits, patterns, scissors, fobs, bags, and even exclusives coming your way. Don’t miss out—join today! 🧵✨

Our Story

Lisa Berberette and her husband Jack are the heartwarming duo behind a creative and compassionate mission. Their journey began with a small group of 15 felines, which grew significantly when they rescued an additional 50 cats from an unfortunate fate. Through their dedication, Happy Cat Stitchery now provides a forever home to 27 cats and two small pups, each with their own unique story and challenges. Their vision extends beyond the present, aiming to downsize personal belongings and establish a nonprofit sanctuary for their feline friends. Their efforts are fueled by the generosity of supporters who contribute through various means, ensuring that every animal enjoys a life filled with care and love. Lisa and Jack's story is a testament to the power of love and the impact a small group of dedicated individuals can have on the lives of many. Their future plans promise a haven for cats and an inspiring example of kindness in action as Happy Cat Stitchery & Sanctuary. The Happy Cat Herd is not just a group of rescued animals; it's a symbol of hope and the relentless spirit of two people committed to making a difference, one stitch and one cat at a time.

Meet the Herd
  • From Stacie...

    "Absolutely cute pattern with great instructions! This was the first that I had ordered from this seller and it was a very enjoyable process. I will be watching for her next patterns to be created for me to then purchase!"

  • From Mary...

    Lisa’s pattern are well done and easy to read. Every time I look at the finish I will think of her cats. The purchase is so fast and easy. Love this shop.

  • From Marie...

    The quality of these patterns are excellent – very well-written instructions and great pictures. I have ordered many of her patterns and have never been disappointed.

How can I help?

Extra Supplies Change Lives!

150 pounds of kibble. 500 pounds of kitty litter. 800 cans of cat and dog food. $1000+ for veterinary bills and medicine (not including the occasional emergency vet visits). We refuse to even think about our weekly purchases of paper towels and cleaning supplies.

How do we do it? We ask ourselves that, too, every day! And that's where you come in.  

Learn more...

  • ShadingSantaandSheep2.png

    "Santa" & Sheep

    Shading tips for “Santa” pattern & its sheep.

  • FiguralFinish.png

    Figural Edge Finish

    How to finish the edges of any punch needle person.

  • WavyEdgeFinish.png

    Wavy Edge Finish

    Make waves with this stunning curvy edge finish!

  • PointedCorners2.png

    Pointed Corners Finish

    Finishing tips for any rectangular project.

  • RoundCorners.png

    Rounded Corners Finish

    Simple and quick smooth rounded corners.

  • CircularFinish.png

    Circular Finish

    Create a rounded edge for circular ornaments.